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Your First Visit

On your first visit to our office, please arrive a few minutes early to allow time for collection of necessary information. This allows us to create an accurate record for you and, if you have insurance, to obtain an explanation of benefits from your insurance company. Patient Information and Medical History forms are available on our website for you to download and complete prior to your first appointment. You may bring the completed forms with you to your first appointment or fax them to us at (713) 722-0322.

Dr. James Lloyd working on a patient

To begin your appointment, we will obtain intra- and extra-oral records, including radiographs and dental charting. The dentists typically prefer to take bitewing x-rays once a year and a panoramic x-ray or full mouth series of x-rays every three years. More specific views are taken as the dentist sees necessary. If you have recent x-rays, you may choose to bring them in with you, but you may still need to have radiographs taken if they are not of diagnostic quality or are outdated.

All patients undergo simple screenings for jaw joint disease (TMD), glandular problems (lymphadenopathy), and oral cancer at every exam. The dentist will then check for any gum problems (periodontal disease), tooth decay (dental caries), or problems with any existing fillings and other restorations. After completion of the full exam, the dentist will form a tentative treatment plan so that the patient will have an idea of the best treatment options for their mouth.

Additionally, appropriate periodontal (gum) treatment is generally rendered at the first appointment, whether that be a basic cleaning (dental prophylaxis) or a deep cleaning (scaling and root planning).